Haas Overhead Sectional Doors

Haas Overhead Aluminum Series7

Aluminum Series

Clean Lines

1 ¾” Thick, R-Value N/A

  • Haas Commercial Aluminum doors are strong, rugged and durable.
  • This series boasts aluminum rails and stiles combined to provide a strong profiled framing structure with aluminum panels and a wide range of glazing choices.
  • Ideal for service stations, quick lube facilities, automobile dealerships, restaurants and other buildings where strength, appearance and durability are key factors.
Haas Overhead 800 Series1

Insulated Steel 800 Series

The Architects’ Choice For the Most Demanding Specifications

3” Thick, R-25.8

  • The outstanding features and benefits of the Haas Door Insulated Steel 800 Series have made it the door of choice among commercial and industrial architects.
  • The 800 Series feature a full 3" pressure-injected core of high-density CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation with a calculated R-Value of 25.8 – the highest in the commercial door industry.
Haas Overhead 2000 Series6

Insulated Steel 2000 Series

The Strength To Keep Out Noise and Weather

2” Thick, R-17.66

  • Haas Insulated Steel 2000 Series commercial doors will enhance the beauty of your building while insulating and dampening outside noise at the same time.
  • Choosing high R-Value sectional doors with polyurethane insulation helps improve energy efficiency.
  • 2000 series doors are reinforced with roll-formed galvanized steel struts and double-end hinges, and complies with ANSI/DASMA 102-2004.
Haas Overhead 700 Series1

Insulated Steel 700 Series

Built to Last

1¾” Thick, R-16.18

  • These Insulated Steel 700 Series doors stand up to the elements while dramatically decreasing exterior noise and enhancing the overall aesthetics of your building.
  • The 1-3/4" thick doors help you save energy and provide a protected, more comfortable interior environment.
  • Built to last, 700 Series doors have the all the options you need to create the perfect solution.
Haas Overhead 600 Series2

Insulated Steel 600 Series

Strong, Efficient and Attractive

1 3/8" Thick, R-13.45

  • When your major considerations include energy efficiency, noise buffering and beauty, a Haas Insulated Steel 600 Series commercial door will exceed your expectations.
  • These doors feature CFC-free polyurethane foam injected between the door panel skins to provide strength and durability.
  • A unique, multi-component paint system and sturdy hardware provide years of dependable performance.
Haas Overhead Ribbed Steel Series2

Ribbed Steel Series

Strength and Value

2” Thick, Optional Insulation

  • The Commercial Ribbed Steel Series doors are a value-based product that offers the strength of steel in four different panel styles and five color choices.
  • All models offer the option of upgrading to energy-efficient insulated door panels.
  • Ribbed steel doors are the ideal choice when economy is the prime consideration but quality and appearance are also required.