A complete LiftMaster® solution works seamlessly into your procedures to decrease your turnout times and help prevent damage to the firehouse and rigs. Get started with a solution customized for your station.


Completely Protected. Home or Away.

  • myQ Connected Business: Ensures secure monitoring and control of a commercial door operator with a smartphone, tablet or computer, allowing you to confirm door closure while en route or on site.
  • Security+ 2.0: Provides enhanced range through radio communications and reduced interference, ensuring that the door opens and closes reliably every time.
  • Timer To Close: Closes the commercial door automatically after a predetermined amount of time has elapsed to secure the station after departure.
  • Maintenance Alert System: Reminds personnel to contact their LiftMaster Dealer for routine maintenance.
Firehouse 2

Get Out The Door Safer

  • Red/Green Traffic Light: Lets you know when the door is fully open and it’s safe to exit, virtually eliminating door contact and expensive equipment damage.
  • Light Curtains: Stop the door from closing if an obstruction is detected, protecting personnel, vehicles, aerial ladders and other high-apparatus obstructions.
  • 3-Button Station with Maintenance Alert System: Allows you to open, close and stop the door quickly. An indicator light lets you know when it’s time for routine maintenance.
  • Mushroom-Button Control Station: A single button activates the opening of one or more commercial doors. It can be positioned anywhere in the apparatus floor, such as the entrance from the bunk room.