Holmes Garage Doors

Steel Panel Doors Gold

3-layer, insulated steel garage doors.

Steel Panel Doors Silver

2-layer steel construction with insulation to add energy efficiency.

Steel Panel Doors Bronze

Single-layer construction providing beauty and durability.

Specialty Doors Contemporary Aluminum

Combines aluminum and glass to create a sleek, modern look.

Specialty Doors Contemporary Steel

Complement contemporary and mid-century modern home styles.

Specialty Doors Glenmoor™ Carriage House 5 Layer

5-layer construction style garage doors.

Specialty Doors Glenmoor™ Carriage House 4 Layer

4-layer construction style garage doors.

Specialty Doors Glenmoor™ Louver

Insulated garage doors with composite louver overlays.

Specialty Doors Glenmoor™ Modern

Versatile and realistic-looking as real wood but requires less upkeep.

Specialty Doors Settlers®

Carriage house design with the look of wood and benefits of steel.

Specialty Doors Artistry® Steel

Available in multiple insulation options.

Specialty Doors Westport™ Steel

Combines the symmetry of wood style with the durability of steel.

Specialty Doors Lodgewood® Semi-Custom

Combines wood design with working of an upward-acting sectional door.